Sunday, 6 December 2015


by William Swain

When people spoke of Yueying, they called her “Huang Chengyan’s ugliest daughter.” But the strategist Zhuge Liang, withdrawing Yueying’s veil, holding up a soft lantern, said, “Exaggeration is the greatest strength of men.”

That is why… thinks Yueying, lighting the signal-fires, that is why my strategy is perfect. Zhuge Liang lies stuck to his bed with illness, his armies Yueying’s, on the precipice of defeat or victory.

I fight that victory might rekindle Zhuge Liang’s heart, restoring warmth to his skin, white like ice.

“Fight for your wishes,” says Yueying to her officers, “and you will fight for the world.”

Author bio: I am William Swain, with no accolades or credentials to my name, besides that I am guitarist of the band Mediseasin:

Advancing is part of 101 Fiction issue 10.

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