Sunday, 6 December 2015


by Wendy Steele

Sit beside your warm hearth and think of me. Bound to this rock, the acuate beaks of time pierce my fragile flesh, while you delight in primitive light.

The kindled spark of life, I gave to you.

As the mellow flame beats within your breast, set the world alight with your creativity and passion. Embrace your imperfect world and indulge your mind and heart. Ignite beacons on the hill tops with your lust for literature and art. Love without restraint and walk your path with joy. Waste nothing, appreciate all.

Too soon the snuffer falls, and fire turns to ash.

Author bio: Wendy Steele lives on a hillside in Wales with her partner and cats. Following training in belly dance and writing, she has published novels and novellas in the magical realism genre and teaches ATS® Belly Dance. Renovating her Grade II listed farmhouse and reading fill the rest of her time.

Life is part of 101 Fiction issue 10.

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  1. Eve Merrick-Williams. Beautiful and lyrical use of language. I really loved it.