Sunday, 6 December 2015


by B.E. Seidl

"Burn in hell!" she hissed at the melting face, her thumbnail cutting into his throat as flames flickered from the head like a mane. His eyes were bright and full of himself. No wonder he had always said it was his favourite photograph – it truly captured his quintessence. She had studied the ritual online on a page for black magic, determined to believe that afterwards he would never hurt her again. Yet, he did. The pain shot through her fingers, the sleeve of her shirt ablaze. She waved her arm like a witch’s torch and indeed it burned like hell.

Author bio: A native of Vienna, Austria, B.E.Seidl works as a translator and university lecturer.

Her fiction has appeared in the anthology "Things You Can Create" by FrostProof808, in Flash Fiction Magazine, at 101words, MicroHorror, Microfiction Monday Magazine and Tethered by Letters.

An avid reader of horror fiction, she is a little bit obsessed with Shirley Jackson.

Witchcraft is part of 101 Fiction issue 10.

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