Friday, 15 January 2016

March Issue Open for Submissions

*** now closed for submissions ***

From right now, January 15th, through to February 15th we are open for submissions! We want your teeniest tiniest tales - thrills, kills and adventure wrapped in little one hundred word bundles.

It's year three of the quarterly 101 Fiction and so far we've been underground and on fire, and for our next trick... we're taking to the air. The new theme is: in the air.

We all breathe it, but we're specifically looking for stories that take place off the ground, up there, in the air. It could be the winged sandals of Hermes launching an unsuspecting holiday-maker high above Greece. Or the fiery descent of an escape pod as its occupant discovers that far from salvation, she is bringing the alien terror back down to her homeworld with her. It might be calamitous thunder and lightning, fallout from the god-war raging in the heavens. Perhaps the revelation of the mid-air human cannonball as he realises the safety net has been sabotaged. Or the last human survivors, cursed to never again set foot on Earth, alive only until the fuel runs out and their craft plunges back down to the apocalyptic chaos wrought upon the surface.

You don't need to use the word 'air,' or the phrase 'in the air,' but the story needs to be distinctly set off the ground. Equally, characters do not need to be 'loose' in the air, they can be in a craft or container or bubble... so long as that object is in the air.

The title cannot be 'air.'

You have exactly one hundred words, and a single word for the title. We loosely hold to the four genres listed - Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Surreal - but if the story is good enough, exciting enough, bold enough... we'll take it.

For full submissions guidelines and info check the submissions page!

Get thinking. Let your imagination soar. And get writing.