Sunday, 6 March 2016

March 2016. Issue 11. Postscript.

The beginning of the end! 101 Fiction always publishes backwards to be read forwards, which makes as much sense as having only 100 words to tell a whole story, and yet this is what we do, every issue.

Big worlds, big ideas, big emotion. Tiny word count.

Is today 6th March 2016? Then issue 11 will be going live throughout the day. Refresh the site every hour for a brand new story.

If you're beyond that date, sitting among the clouds in your floating future house, being read to by your robot butler, then you've reached the end of issue 11. But there's no reason to stop here! Logic (and your robot butler) will tell you there are ten more earlier issues to enjoy. And even earlier than that are a whole slew of stories published one by one. All 100 words long, all proving that a tiny word count is no limit to scope and scale.

Thanks for reading.

And thank you to all our contributors.

If you want to be a part of this, keep an eye on and @101fiction for details of our next submissions period and theme.

Keep writing. Keep reading. And always... have fun.

- John Xero

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