Friday, 15 April 2016

June Issue Open for Submissions

Submissions are now closed.

From April 15th to May 15th we are taking submissions for the June issue. We want your tiny but mighty one hundred and one word wonders - we want adventure and excitement, humanity and heartbreak.

This is the fourth and final issue in our third year as a quarterly 'zine, and it's been an elemental year. We've been below the earth, on fire, and in the air. There's only one place left to go: Underwater. That's your new theme, immerse yourself in it and dream.

Fathoms down in the deepest ocean, lights might flicker on as a repair cycle ends and an ancient craft powers up for the first time since it crashed millennia ago. The bright spots on a modern deep sea sub could slide across ancient wreckage, picking out a nameplate: Nautilus, or maybe something slumberous blinks at the intrusive illumination, something massive that begins to uncoil itself in the sub's wake. Perhaps it is only shallow water and the hunger that builds the urge that drives the beast with the wicked teeth towards the splashing of feet and bright bathing suits. It might be the flick of a mermaid's fin, Poseidon's grin, a school of mechanised mackerel, or the creaking crack in the great glass globe of a submerged city...

You don't have to use the word 'underwater.' It could be a river, a lake or an ocean, this planet or another, as long as the story is recognisably set underwater.

You have exactly one hundred words of story to explode our imagination and a single word title with which to light the fuse. We are more or less a genre 'zine, but impress us enough and we will take any story. (Full guidelines here - please read them!)

The title must not be 'under,' 'water' or 'underwater.'

Make it marvellous; make us marvel at your creativity, your writing and your talent.

Take the plunge, grab a pen, get writing.