Sunday, 8 January 2017

March Issue Open For Submissions.

Now closed for submissions.

Our new theme cycle starts now. We're looking for hundred word stories to fill the first of this year's four quarterly issues, and what better way to start the year than by going big. Real big. Your theme is: gods.

You have until Sunday 5th February to craft, polish and send your tiny tale.

Set your imagination free, run wild, steal creative fire from the gods themselves. It could be a god lost on the mortal plane, trapped by nefarious forces. A desperate goddess, using her dwindling power to protect her last true believer. Maybe a god returns to his abandoned people, only to find they have grown in power themselves and blame him for their terrible ordeals. Or the last god of a scientifically advanced species whose wards no longer have any use for him. A goddess finding the power she granted her priestesses turned back against her. A god's creations, made of its own flesh and being, whose desires and strange passions are affecting their creator's thoughts. A mortal once, become indistinguishable from a god through dark science and biblical retribution. A god who awakes to find in his sleep, in his dreams, he has created life.

It could be a mortal's encounter with an almighty being, a god, or god-like entity.

The story must be exactly one hundred words long, with a one word title. The title cannot be 'god(s)' or 'goddess(es)'. Bear in mind that we are a genre publication, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and surreal (with a little crime now and then), but ultimately, if the story is a great story, we'll publish it.

Semantics perhaps, but for the purposes of this issue - the theme is gods, be they good, evil or mad, but not devils or demons.

For full submissions info check out our submissions page.

Imagine. Create. Enjoy!