Sunday, 5 March 2017

March 2017. Issue 14.

Welcome to issue 14, and twelve tiny tales of gods. Mighty gods and mortal gods; bright gods and awful gods; creators, destroyers and tricksters; wanderers and wonderers.

Gods have always been a part of human life, treading a balance of fear, awe and wonder. Of the beyond and the familiar. They have been saddled with responsibility and blame, granted power, worship and gifts. For every humble worshipper there are two more spitting curses at the uncaring forces above. Gods are powerful dichotomies, paradoxes even, and therein do stories thrive.

Our stories begin in creation and end with, well, an ending. We set foot in ancient ages and modern times (and venture a little further forward, to the future). There are gods grounded in the very world around us; gods walking among us; myths that a hundred words can barely contain; gods both re-imagined and metaphorical.

This is the first issue in our fourth year as a more compact quarterly zine. Each year contains a cycle of themes... so gods are only the beginning.





Keep scrolling down for the stories or you can bring up the whole issue here.

Alternatively the whole issue is available as a handy downloadable .pdf for you to take with you anywhere you go. A handy little book of god stories in your pocket. What an idea. That's here.

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