Sunday, 5 March 2017


by Kecia Sparlin

Sensual bottles filled with liquid gold stood in rows against a mirrored wall. Alone at the bar, Oscar watched himself sipping Scotch on the rocks. Blues crackled from a tin speaker. Conversation murmured at the tables. Illicit smoke stung his eyes, excusing the tear.

Goddess of Love, she had claimed. Oscar snorted. “Got that part right,” he muttered into his drink, then sucked dregs of whiskey from the ice. With a tremor, he tilted the glass toward the bartender. “Hit me again.”

The elixir she sold him had done the trick, made Wanda fall in love. Just not with him.

Author bio: Kecia Sparlin writes and writes. Many of her stories can be found free at her website, Muninn's Memories,

Misled is part of 101 Fiction issue 14.

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