Sunday, 5 March 2017


by Tom O’Brien

‘I would have your finest potion, m’lady. Black as Stygian depths, hot as Hades flame, strong as the Minotaur. Mark ye well though; let not the flame lick to the burn. Rather caress the liquid to ripe aroma, such to convince this God his divinity has returned, however fleetingly, on the first sip. Only you, sorceresses, safe in your enchantments, know I will be drawn back to your siren call. To throw myself, Sisyphean, on your merciless allure.’

‘Tall, Grande or Venti?’

‘Oh, umm; I’ll have a Grande, please.’

‘Two Ninety Nine, sir. Sugar behind you. Have a nice day.’

Author bio: Tom O'Brien is an Irishman living in London. He's been longlisted, shortlisted and placed in numerous competitions and publications around the web. He has a short story appearing in a forthcoming anthology published by Blood & Bourbon.

Potion is part of 101 Fiction issue 14.

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