Sunday, 5 March 2017


by Lausdeus Otito Chiegboka

The spirits held a trial, the spirits of our fathers which the priest invokes in consecration, which Anakwudo, chief priest, invokes during incantation. They cursed you to die an ominous death. I do not know why those gods spared me. These things never happen without the knowledge of Chukwu Ukpabi, God of our ancestors, that gave life to our deities, and gave life to Adam to bring forth all of us, descendants.

I mourn that night we explored our fantasies under the Ukwa – Breadfruit – tree, hidden from the moonlight. That night a ripe Ukwa fruit fell, and split your head.

Author bio: Lausdeus Otito Chiegboka is a medical doctor from Nigeria with keen interest in literature. He was born in Nsukka, Nigeria and practises in Warri, Nigeria. He writes poems and prose, and also enjoys dancing and singing. He made the 2016 shortlist of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize for the short story, "Exorcism".

My twitter handle is @chieslaus.

Retribution is part of 101 Fiction issue 14.

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