Sunday, 9 April 2017

June Issue Open for Submissions

Submissions are now closed.

Each year of 101 Fiction has a quarterly theme cycle. This year we started with gods and for our next issue we're going down, deeper, darker. The new theme is DEVILS and DEMONS.

Dim the lights, set the candles, prep the pentagram and crack open that ancient tome called inspiration; recite the incantations inscribed therein and see what dark tales may come forth. After all, what dark deals might a writer make to overcome creative block? What might a devil offer in this jaded modern world, and is it all too easy? Perhaps a soul just isn't worth what it used to be. Maybe future science proves and quantifies the soul, enabling it's trade and commercialisation and giving rise to very human devils... angering those who have been in the business for millennia. Perhaps a hero triumphs over the evil king and shatters his magic sword, unknowingly releasing a far greater threat, the ancient demon trapped within. Or Plutonions try to drive the ancient Britons from their lands, only to discover the stone circles of Albion are gateways for allies from bleak realms whose dark inhabitants are more than a match for flying saucers and ray guns.

Remember, every devil loves a good twist in the tail... that's how they get you.

The story has to be exactly one hundred words long, with a one word title. The title cannot be 'devil' or 'demon'. We are primarily a genre publication: horror, fantasy and science fiction, with a little crime and surreal, but what we really love is a great story and great writing.

For full details and guidelines on how to submit, please check out our submissions page.

Imagine. Create. Enjoy!