Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 2017. Issue 15.

Check your warding spells, refresh those summoning circles and be wary of the devil’s forked tongue, for we have unleashed fourteen tales of devilry and demons upon the world.

And what a menagerie of darkness it is. Lucifer himself appears not once, but twice, in very different incarnations. We explore the territory between madness, possession and torment. We have old-fashioned deal brokers and one more modern-minded. There are the bound, and the binding. There’s a little twisted myth, a reinvention of the horror movie psychopath. There are ravens and kings and things beneath the floorboards. And then... a tea party?

Remember, where devils and demons are involved, deception, domination and dirty deals are the games they play, where they make the rules and we mere mortals are but currency to be bet and traded.

Welcome to issue 15.





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You can also download the complete issue as a .pdf and save it for later, for the bus ride into work, or the tube ride home, for a little lunch time escapism or late night thrills, hiding under the covers, the glow of the phone screen the only illumination, a beacon in the darkness beckoning... who knows what?

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  1. Quite an enjoyable read this month. It's always a real treat to find horrific deliciousness to read in the dark. It's only too sinful there isn't more, as I just can't get enough of that fearful smell around here. *evil laughter*