Sunday, 9 July 2017

September Issue Open for Submissions

**Submissions are now closed**

So far this year we've had a 'gods' issue, a 'devils and demons' issue, and now its time to stretch those wings, unsheathe that flaming sword and think heavenly thoughts... The new theme is: angels.

You have until Sunday 6th August to conceive, craft, trim and shine your tiny story.

Make your angel interesting. It could be a grubby cherub working the sentience engines, shovelling the newly arrived souls of the virtuous into the bright pyres that fuel the godmind. Maybe it's an alien race, dubbed angels for their broad wings and bioluminescent skin - bright in daylight, blinding at night - whose dark hearts harbour a bleak and murderous history. Or the last angel walking the bone-strewn deserts of a post-cataclysm Earth, still meting out the justice of his long-dead God. Perhaps it's set on the day human warpships breach the barrier around heaven and bring their endless wars to the doorstep of paradise.

Your angel could be metaphorical, a do-gooder mired in bad times and bad company, or just soured to the altruistic impulse. It could simply have the appearance of an angel. It's up to you, as long as the theme is apparent in the story.

Fallen angels are allowed too (or an angel in the process of falling), as long as they are still distinctly an angel, and not a devil or demon. Devils and demons can be found lurking in the hot shadows of last issue.

Your story must be one hundred words long, with a single word title. The title cannot be 'angel' or any similar variation. We primarily publish genre fiction - sci-fi, horror, fantasy, a little surreal and crime - but ultimately if the writing and the idea are great then we'll accept it.

For all the details on our submissions policies and where to send your story look here.

Imagine. Create. Enjoy!