Sunday, 3 September 2017


by John Xero

Angel fixed her makeup. Go big, go glitter. That’s what the punters liked, apparently. Stands out against the darkness. She glittered her cheeks, her belly, her breasts. Could use all the help she could get, standing out against the darkness. As if that wasn’t a lost cause.

Music thumped through the wall: pounding, raunchy. Lose yourself in the music. If you have anything of yourself left to lose.

Sweaty red skin appeared behind her. Delilah, fresh off the stage. The succubus plucked a feather from Angel’s stubby wings, laughing as Angel yelped.

“You’re up, half-breed.” Delilah spat. “Crowd’s hell tonight.”

Author bio: John Xero thinks imagination, like dreams, is just a series of doors. Follow the music, the lights, find the right door, the right key, and step through. Sometimes it’s a trap, more often an adventure.
Fairy lights: @xeroverse
Music: King Demon

Lost is part of 101 Fiction issue 16.

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