Sunday, 3 September 2017

September 2017. Issue 16. Postscript.

It begins! And this is true. But it is not untrue to also declare the end as nigh. Time is subjective, after all.

If today is Sunday September 3rd, 2017 then these are exciting times. Angels are taking to the air, the sky is full of brightness and the streets thrum with the beating of vast wings. Today is the launch of issue 16, our angel-themed issue. Stories will be going live throughout the day and we encourage you to come on back and check them all out as they happen, hour by hour.

We encourage you to comment, or talk to us on twitter too.

If today is not that day, then the issue has already happened and this marks the end... But despair not, good reader! Logic dictates there are 15 more issues before this, and as much is we love the bizarre and the fantastic, logic is, in this case, correct. Keep on going, slip softly down the rabbit hole and delve deeper into 101 Fiction where you will find heroes and villains, darkness and light, tragedy and hope, on our world and others, and all wrapped in awesome little one hundred word bundles.

One last thing before you go. Thank you.

Thank you to our readers, you're why we do this. What's a storyteller with no one to listen? Thank you to our supporters, our signal boosters, retweeters and bloggers, anyone who spreads the word and makes this tiny thing just a little bit bigger each time. And thank you, always and importantly, to our writers; your imagination fuels this fire.

If you want to join us, keep an eye here, at, or on our twitter for details of the next theme and submissions period.

Keep reading.

Keep writing.

Have fun.

-John Xero.

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