Sunday, 3 September 2017

September 2017. Issue 16.

Ready the prayer beads, crack open the hymn books and warm up the choir: the angels are coming. Welcome to issue 16, where our authors bring 15 different angles to their tiny angel tales.

There are saviours, rebirths and salvation. Angels rising and falling. There is fire and fury, freedom and tragedy. Angels familiar and strange, conspicuous and covert. There are wings of copper and brass, of stone, of ash. And below the beat of heavy wings thrums a dark bass line... Broken angels, lost angels, shadowy and sinister angels.

There’s an angel for everyone, they say, and in here there’s a story to suit all tastes. Our celestial host cast shadows over many genres, take many tones. Speak in many voices. It’s always a joy to see veteran authors returning for another issue, but 101 Fiction thrives on fresh blood, plenty of it, and it’s great to have so many new names.





Keep scrolling down for the stories or you can bring up the whole issue right here.

Alternatively you can download the whole issue in one handy .pdf multipack for later consumption. Keep for the train, a lunch break, a bedtime read. You can grab that here. (right click and save, you know the drill).

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  1. Your stories always give me goose bump. Your todays different stories of rising and falling of angels are worth reading. Please keep writing such wonderful stories.