Sunday, 8 October 2017

December Issue Open for Submissions

Submissions now closed.

From now until November 12th we are open for submissions.

101 Fiction runs on a quarterly cycle of themes and so far this year we've had gods, demons, and angels. So what's left to complete the cycle in the darkest months of the year? The new theme is MONSTERS and HEROES. A little fire to light the blackest night.

Your story can feature one or both. If both, they could be separate beings, or two sides of the same.

Perhaps you'll tell us of the fabled knight who slayed the dragon, then slaughtered her defenceless hatchlings. Or the cyber Minotaur at the centre of a security maze who breaks his programming and reveals the evil corporation's dark plans. Maybe the blood wraith of the murder marsh has blackened her soul only to keep humans from finding the peaceful and defenceless village of sprites concealed deep in the marsh. What of the fallen hero, wielder of the legendary blood sword, who massacred a whole village to feed the sword's curse, so that the weapon might be put to rest for another thousand years?

Remember the themes we've already had this cycle, so no gods, demons or angels, please.

Your story must be 100 words, with a one word title. The title cannot be Monster, or Hero, or any variation thereof. We are a genre magazine: horror, sci fi, fantasy with a little surreal and crime, but ultimately an exciting story, evocative writing and a great use of the theme will win out, regardless of genre.

For a full rundown of the guidelines and how to submit, click here.

Imagine. Create. Have fun!