Sunday, 3 December 2017


by Stella Turner

The eulogy, fit for the hero he was! Saving an old woman from her burning flat, rescuing a family trapped in quicksand. At the graveside, colleagues form the guard of honour he justly deserves. The priest eyes me nervously. He has heard my confession. He knows the hero talked a jumper down from the bridge one night. He knows I’d had enough! Scars etched deep in my brain. Hard to fade. Wooden stake in his heart would be too good. He wouldn’t rise again. My husband was a monster, he knew my weaknesses, but I knew his. Death by fire!

Author bio: My name is Stella Turner and I'm known as @stellakateT on twitter. I have had flash fictions published in anthologies and long-listed several times in the Fish Flash Fiction competition. One day I will write a novel by persuading myself it’s just a series of flashes strung together :)

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Accelerant is part of 101 Fiction issue 17.

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