Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 2017. Issue 17. Postscript.

All monsters and heroes meet their end some day, and here we meet at the end of our seventeenth issue. That is, unless today is Sunday 3rd December, 2017, in which case there may well still be more stories to happen. You are here on the Day of Spawning, when the birthing sacs burst and the creative juices slough away, freeing the young story-things to crawl up the beaches of your brain, and who can say if they will be monster or hero, who can say, until they are already nestled deep in your synapses?

Please do feel free to comment, chatter, commune with the arcane spirits drifting through the electronic ether.

If today is the future, beyond that cold December day, then this is truly the end. Have you been entertained? Have you been made to smile, to wonder, to think? We hope so. But don't stop here, don't stop now. Keep on sinking down, deeper into 101 Fiction's past issues. Sixteen of them. Deeper still, before we were a quarterly, you'll find plenty of stories from when we published weekly.

And while you're here... thank you.

Thanks for reading. What would storytellers be without someone to listen? Thanks to everyone who tweets, retweets and comments, to all of you who boost our tiny signal wider and wider with every issue. And, always and forever, thank you to our endlessly creative writers, this thing is built of words that fall from your brains.

If you want to join us, keep an eye here, at, or on our twitter for details of the next theme and submissions period.

Keep reading.

Keep writing.

Have fun.

-John Xero.

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