Sunday, 3 December 2017


by Chad Plunk

Sir Adalbert heard of the awful flaming dragon threatening the village, causing trembling terror in the women and children, sowing nightmares of starvation from burned crops.

Gleaming in mail, the knight on his charger trotted through the field, hooves crushing cabbages. He reached the ragged villagers and raised his helm.

“I will save you stinking lot,” he said. “It will be a hungry task. Prepare me a suckling pig, cool ale, the least dirty of your daughters.” He laughed at the last, then snorted, staring down the nearest man and his young boy.

Lowering his helm, he sallied bravely forth.

Author bio: Chad Plunk, raised in Cincinnati, spends his days working for a multi-national defense contractor and his nights imagining other worlds. He lives with his dog Abner Fancy,universally believed the more intelligent of the two, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rescue is part of 101 Fiction issue 17.

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