Sunday, 4 March 2018


by Samantha O’Brien

The women glided forward, closing the circle they had made. Their hair, each a different shade of copper, tousled by the jasmine-scented wind, was hypnotising. The travel agency had told me that this place was off the beaten track, they also told me not to roam on nights like this. As I gazed upon the ladies, I wondered why. When the last of the seven moons finally peaked above the horizon they changed, they morphed. I swear I had not been drinking. They became single-horned beasts with hooves and blazing eyes. I ran screaming as they bayed and gave chase.

Author bio: Born in Liverpool forty plus years ago and now living in Dublin. I would happily live in a library. I love reading to the local school children and helping to foster a love of reading and storytelling.

Agunni is part of 101 Fiction issue 18.

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