Sunday, 4 March 2018


by John Xero

“You broke sacred law, and in the most heinous way. You interacted with the real world, you killed an adult.”

The chamber filled with agitated snorting. Angry hoofs stomped the ground.

Samuel lifted his horn high, defiant. “I upheld something greater: the essence of our existence. I protected a child, my friend, from a horror far greater than the dark, a monster more real than any under the bed.”

“Irrelevant. We are imaginary friends, not part of reality. That is the One Law, now tarnished with death and stained with blood. You will be exiled, Samuel: an eternity in darkness.”

Author bio: John Xero believes in doing the right thing. It isn’t always easy, but you have to try, right? He likes to write too, and that isn’t always easy, but...


Trial is part of 101 Fiction issue 18.

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