Sunday, 2 September 2018


by Kaitlyn Anderson

Tyler and Perry thought it would be romantic to sneak out after curfew and paddle to the middle of Tannin Lake. All the kids in their class did it. Tyler was distracted by soft lips, giggling and panting through his first kiss. He didn’t notice the way Perry’s smooth hands elongated, becoming something webbed, something wrong. By the time the canoe tipped it was too late.

“Perry,” Tyler yelled, treading water with minimal effort. His freestyle led their team to victory three years running, after all.

But Perry didn’t answer, circling his prey, preparing to drag the other boy under.

Author bio: I have been published in The Oregonian and studied Psychology and Creative Writing at Oregon State University. My degree has helped me to create believable characters and explore the effects of mental health in fantastical situations. When not busy working on my writing, I like to explore Oregon with my husband, try to keep up with a psychotic Burmese kitten and overweight orange tabby, put sweaters on said cats and laugh maniacally, and stalk Ryan Reynolds on Twitter.  Speaking of Twitter, you can find me there at Kaitlyn Andersen @ewokswithme.

Tannins is part of 101 Fiction issue 20.

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