Sunday, 6 January 2019

March Issue Open for Submissions.

We are now closed for submissions.

From now until Sunday 10th February we are open for submissions!

And with a new year comes a new cycle of themes, and this year is something a little different. For our first step on the path we're looking for 100 word stories revolving around, or featuring: maps.

Maps describe our landscape, any landscape; they show a route through danger, uncertainty, or into adventure; sometimes they show us what we don't know and... Here be monsters.

Where will your story take us...? It could be a star map or a treasure map or a map to lost Atlantis. It could be a child's crayon scribblings, actually the topography of her inner imaginings, a father's only hope of finding her where she is lost. Perhaps the map is described in an ancient song, passed from generation to generation. Maybe it is inscribed on a dragon's scale - a ferocious still-living ice dragon. Perhaps it shows the only safe passage through treacherous reefs to reach the Isle of Eternity, and the legendary Aeon Tree. Or maybe the Horotrix have lost their one true map of all time and space, that looks uncannily like a model of a human brain with flickering neurons, the pathways between stars dancing across the cosmos like dreams and secret thoughts. Or maybe we're following the Witch Guard, as they attempt to map the tidal landscape of the Ley Lands.

The story must include a map in some way, though the map can take any form or could even be one that hasn't yet been made. Other than that, it is your journey to take us on. We mostly publish horror, science fiction, and fantasy. We publish a little surreal and crime fiction. But anything that stops us in our tracks and makes us want to re-tread our steps and re-read your story is what we're after.

In brief... The story must be exactly 100 words, with a one word title, and the title cannot be 'map' or any variation thereof. Our full submissions guidelines are here.

Show us the way...



Have fun!