John Xero has been publishing flash fiction online since 2001 when he curated the online creative collective, Dark Minds. In 2006 he was co-creator of the flash fiction project Hidden Tracks. Nowadays his flash can be found here on 101 Fiction and at his blog, Xeroverse.

After brief forays into chemistry and international haulage (don't ask), John began working as a bookseller. He has worked for an independent 'cult' bookshop, run his own children's bookshop and run various sections (including science fiction and crime) for branches of Waterstones. After many years working amongst the books for Waterstones he recently left the company. He now manages a store for a different retail chain.

He realised he wanted to be a writer about the same time he followed everyone else's advice and went into chemistry. Fortunately he saw the error of his ways and began to concentrate on his real passion, his writing. He has a degree in creative writing from NUCA.

John Xero's first collection of short and flash fiction is now available on Amazon (US and UK), collecting thirty three slices of dark fantasy and science fiction.


  1. Hi - I couldn't find somewhere suitable to send this, but I'm putting together a Festival of Drabbles which might be of interest to you:


  2. Hello. Your pub has been included on my list at http://bit.ly/FlashFicList. These are places, like yours, that publish writers' shorter fiction (and creative non-fiction) pieces. If you know of others that I've missed, please let me know. Thanks.